Selected Reading List


Oregon. Secretary of State. The Oregon Bluebook, 1939-1940.
Compiled by Earl Snell, Secretary of State. Salem, 1939. Issued

Emerson, Charles L. This Is Oregon. Portland, 1936. Guide, de-
scription, travel and game laws.


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graphic Magazine,
Feb. 1934, V. 65:173-233.

Cox. Ross. Adventures on the Columbia. New York, 1832. De-
scription of life among the trappers and fur traders of the Astor

Eaton, Walter Prichard. Skyline Camps. Boston, 1922. Notebook
of a wanderer in Northwest mountains.

Franchere, Gabriel. Narrative of a Voyage to the Northwest Coast
of America.
New York, 1854. By a clerk of the Astor company.

Furlong, Charles Wellington. Let 'Er Buck. New York, 1921. De-
scriptive of the Pendleton Round-up and of eastern Oregon.

Lyman, William D. The Columbia River: Its History, its Myths, its
Scenery, its Commerce.
New York, 1909.

Murphy, Thomas D. Oregon, the Picturesque. Boston, 1917. De-
scription of an automobile trip through the State.

McArthur, Lewis A. Oregon Geographic Names. Eugene, 1928.

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Ross, Alexander. Adventures on the Oregon. Chicago, 1923. Re-
print of Ross* life with the Astorians.

Smith, Dr. Warren D. Scenic Treasure-House of Oregon. Portland,

Steel, W. G. The Mountains of Oregon. Portland, 1890.

Stevenson, E. N. Nature Rambles in the Wallow as. Portland, 1935.

Sharp, Dallas Lore. Where Rolls the Oregon. Boston and New
York, 1914. Oregon through the eyes of a New England nat-

Wilkinson, Marguerite. The Dingbat of Arcady. New York, 1922.
A boat trip down the Willamette.