of boat fishing is not without excitement. Below Midway is swifter
water, terminating in MARTINS RAPIDS, 83.6 m. Although pass-
ible by boat, these rapids are hazardous and require knowledge of the
stream. Below the rapids the river is more placid.

VIDA, 86.4 m. (788 alt, 28 pop.), by Gate Creek, has a STATE
is a STATE TROUT HATCHERY that stocks several Cascade
Mountain lakes and portions of the McKenzie River. (Both hatcheries
open to visitors.)

Near the confluence of Hatchery Creek and the McKenzie is the
lam from which water is diverted for the Eugene municipal power plant
it LEABURG, 93.7 m., (680 alt., 25 pop.).

SPRINGFIELD, 111.2 m. (459 alt., 2,364 pop.), is an industrial
and lumbering center on the east bank of the Willamette River. A
FLAX PLANT was built here in 1936 as a WPA project. The
BLANK MILL is the first mill in the United States to specialize in
production of yarn from the fur of Angora rabbits (1934). The weaving
of Angora wool is an infant industry. The rabbit fur is combined with
sheep's wool to be spun by the machines as only human fingers can spin
the pure Angora, which is "finer than silk and lighter than swansdown."
The clip of one rabbit in one year is about 12 ounces. Each rabbit is
clipped four times a year and the number one grade sells for five or
six dollars a pound. Enthusiasts claim that the yarn from the rabbit
fur is many times warmer than wool.

West of Springfield, US 28 crosses the Willamette River, 111.5 m.
to a junction with US 99 (see TOUR 2b), 111.8 m., 2.4 miles south of

Tour 6 A

Cairo — Nyssa — Adrian — Jordan Valley — Rome; 115 m. US 3oS,
State 201.

Branch line of Union Pacific Railroad roughly parallels route between Cairo and

Paved road between Cairo and Adrian ; between Adrian and Jordan Valley road
graveled or rock surfaced; remainder mainly unimproved.

Accommodations limited and area sparsely settled ; cars should be well serviced.
Gas, oil, and water should be replenished at every opportunity; extra water
should be carried, both for radiator and drinking purposes.

State 201 leads into the country of the Basques. These picturesque