Right on this road to THE HOLE IN THE GROUND, 4 m., an almost
perfectly round depression more than a half mile in diameter and 300 feet deep.
It is conjectured that the cavity was caused by a meteor.

SUMMIT STAGE STATION (R), 103.8 m. (4,705 alt.), an
old log building, was a stopping place on the old road from Bend to
Lakeview, used during the settlement of central Oregon.

At 120.6 m. is a junction with US 97 (see TOUR 4b), at a point
1.8 miles south of Lapine.

Tour 5D

Lakeview—Beatty—Klamath Falls—Keno—Ashland; 159.1 m. State

Paved or rock-surfaced road; snow storms temporarily block portions of road.
Oregon, California and Eastern Railroad parallels route between Bly and
Klamath Falls.

Motor stages serve entire route.

Accommodations range from improved camp sites to first-class hotels.

State 66 cuts through the heart of the old Paiute, Klamath, and Modoc
Indian territory. After years of depredations and the bloody Modoc
War of 1873 the tribes were sent to the reservations where they are
now stable agriculturalists. A segment of the Klamath Indian Reserva-
tion is crossed. The geographic features of the route vary markedly; a
semi-arid sagebrush desert, uplands of yellow pine, open cattle ranges,
and heavily timbered mountains. Civilization has left few marks on
much of this section, great areas remaining almost as primitive as when
the first covered wagons toiled over the dim trails.

The highway branches west from US 395 (see TOUR 5b), at
LAKEVIEW, 0 m. to run through desert made arable in some places
by irrigation, and climbs slowly to an elevation that commands mag-
nificent panoramas. A boundary of the Fremont National Forest is
crossed at 11.4 m. BOOTH STATE PARK (picnic grounds), 13.8
m., is a 170-acre wilderness tract.

DREWS CANYON, a defile cut deep into the lava cliffs and bare
plains of the high country, leads to DREWS GAP, 15 m. (5,306 alt.).
DREWS RESERVOIR, 18.9 m., about seven miles long and a mile
wide, impounds the water of Drews Creek and distributes it through
small canals to irrigate the wide basin adjacent. Wild geese and other