annual evangelistic meeting was early an important function. Converts
of this denomination were taken to the nearby Coast Fork of the Wil-
lamette River for baptism. The ceremony was usually preceded by a
dinner attended by settlers.

BRISTOW MEMORIAL FOUNTAIN, (L) 82.3 m., construct-
ed of stones and the mantelpiece taken from the original Bristow home
fireplace, perpetuates the name of Pleasant Hill's founder. The drinking
trough, a part of this memorial, which once provided thirsty animals
with water, has long since dried up and is overgrown with ivy.

State 58 crosses the Coast Fork of the Willamette River on a bridge
at 84.2 m., the point where in early times converts from the Pleasant
Hill Christian Church were baptized.

State 58 now enters the widening valley of the Coast Fork, or the
Land O' Goshen, as it was originally called. From certain points of
vantage on the highway, a vast bare spot, the exact shape of the conti-
nent of South America, is conspicuous on the side of distant WIN-
BERRY MOUNTAIN (2,828 alt.), one of the peaks of the high
Cascades. When snow whitened this area, Klamath Indians in the Wil-
lamette Valley picking hops and performing other labor, knew that it
was time to start for their distant homes if they would reach them before
the mountain passes were blocked. Thus, the mountain became known as
The Barometer.

GOSHEN, 87 m. is on US 99 (see TOUR 2b).

Tour 4D

Klamath Junction—Fort Klamath—Annie Spring Camp—Crater Lake
—Prospect—Medford; 92.5 m. State 62, the Crater Lake Highway.

Paved road; after severe snow storms road often temporarily closed.
Motor stages connect with the Great Northern and Southern Pacific Railroad at
Klamath Falls and the Southern Pacific Railroad at Medford, during the Crater
Lake Park season, July 1 to October 1.

Hotel at Fort Klamath and at resorts on the Rogue River; tourist cabins, forest

The Crater Lake Highway is a main thoroughfare between eastern
and western Oregon. On the route is Crater Lake National Park, which
contains one of the most beautiful bodies of water in America. Through
pine forests, that form an almost continuous aisle, the route crosses the
crest of the Cascade Mountains, and descends the Rogue River, one of