of Portland's municipal park system (picnic tables; dressing room for swimmers,
camp stoves, bathing beach).
Trails lead from the Park to vantage points with
wide beautiful views.

2. Right from the western limits of Sandy on paved Bluff Road, which runt
north along the rim of the Sandy River Canyon. At 0.9 m. is a point above the
river from which the heavily timbered and rugged area of the Bull Run Re-
serve (R) is seen.

At 3.5 m. is a junction with a gravel road; R. here 2 m. to DODGE PARK
(see above). Veering west, the Bluff Road continues to an intersection with State
50, 7.6 m., at a point 6.6 miles west of its point of departure (see below).

3. Left from the western limits of Sandy over State 211 to EAGLE CREEK,
7.1 in. (340 alt., 82 pop.), named for a nearby stream. In this village is the site
of the FOSTER HOME. After the long hard trip across the mountain, the early
emigrants welcomed the hospitable farmstead of the Philip Fosters, whose pas-
ture became a regular camping ground, and whose corrals were utilized for the
weary stock. Continuing southward State 211 crosses EAGLE CREEK 8.1 m.
to ESTACADA, 12.3 m. (465 alt., 524 pop.), on the Clackamas River. The
canyon-like walls of the river in the heavily timbered country, which is inter-
spersed with farm clearings, give the town and vicinity an appearance of isola-
tion. In the vicinity are several large plantings of ginseng, a medicinal herb
whose culture requires special conditions of soil and climate.

At 97.8 m. is the junction with Bluff Road (see above).

Northwest of Sandy, State 50 continues through a rolling region of
farms and berry fields with intervening groves of firs. At 104.5 m. is
the junction with the western end of the Bluff Road (see above).

On clear days there is an unusually fine view of Mounts St. Helens,
Adams, and Hood at 107.7 m.

GRESHAM, 109.1 m. (295 alt., 1,635 pop.), business center of an
extensive berrying area, is the scene of the Multnomah County Fair.

West of Gresham, State 50 follows Powell Boulevard through su-
burban Portland, crossing the Ross Island Bridge over the Willamette,
121 m. to the center of PORTLAND, 123.2 m. (see PORTLAND).

Tour 4B

Bend—Todd Lake—Sparks Lake—Elk Lake—Lava Lakes—Fall River
—Pringle Falls—Junction US 97; 68 m. The Century Drive,

Graveled and dirt road.
Limited accommodations.

The Century Drive, winding through a region of primitive beauty,
penetrates to the foot of a group of imposing peaks, and leads into the
crater of a prehistoric volcano, encounters crystal-clear creeks and rivers,
forest-fringed lakes, fine stands of ponderosa pine, glacial meadows,