Continued recognition of the Siuslaw was given by the introduction
of bills by Senator Mitchell and Congressman Hermann to provide
$80,000 for the construction of a lighthouse at Heceta Head, eight miles
north of Florence.

In the fall of 1889 Mr. Hermann visited Eugene and promised to
exert his influence towards obtaining a life-saving station at the mouth
of the Siuslaw and the establishment of regular mail service between
Eugene and Florence.

Finally, on May 31, 1890, a dispatch from Hermann stated that
Congress had appropriated $50,000 for beginning a jetty at the mouth
of the river. Eleven months later the Representative announced that the
Siuslaw project was being prepared by the chief engineers.

Great indignation was aroused in Eugene in June 1891, when the
engineers' report stated that the Siuslaw was not worthy of improve-
ment at the time. Eugene citizens sent protests to Washington. In
August, Representative Hermann announced that the engineer had over-
estimated the cost. Shortly afterwards the work was ordered to com-
mence. This so thrilled George Melvin Miller, brother of the poet
Joaquin Miller, that he rode to Florence on horseback to deliver the
good news before the mail could bring it.

In the meantime, feeling was so intense against the engineer that the
citizens of Florence had him hung in effigy. Miller's arrival directed
their resentment to enthusiasm, but the remnants of the stuffed image
still swayed in the breeze.

CUSHMAN, 64.8 m. (23 alt., 145 pop.), maintains a complete
port organization, which controls its deep-sea commerce. Ocean boats
are often at its docks. The hills above the rich adjacent farm lands pro-
duce much valuable Port Orford cedar, a conifer noted for its beauty
and size, that grows naturally only in a narrow belt along the coast of
southern Oregon and northern California (see TOUR 3b).

FLORENCE, 67.5 m. (11 alt., 339 pop.) (see TOUR 3b), it at
the junction with US 101 (see TOUR 3b).

Tour 2G

Drain—Elkton—Scottsburg—Reedsport; 50.1 m. State 38.
Paved road.

Hotel at Elkton, auto camps at other convenient points.

State 38, a link between US 99 and US 101, follows Elk Creek to
the Umpqua River and closely parallels that stream westward. The