eight hours, employing in normal times an average of 400 men. Other
Toledo mills also manufacture lumber and its by-products.

At 60.7 m. the road crosses the tide flats, winding between low hills
covered with dense forests of spruce, fir, and hemlock.

At 65.7 m. from an elevated point, Yaquina Bay, an arm of the Pacific
Ocean, is visible in the distance.

At NEWPORT, 67.8 m. (134 alt., 1,530 pop.), State 26 forms a
junction with US 101 (see TOUR 3a).

Tour 2 E

Philomath Junction—Alsea—Waldport; 59.1 m. State 34.
Asphalt or rock-surfaced road.

Hotels at Alsea and Waldport; some tourist camps along route.

State 34 is a link between the Willamette Valley and the rugged
central Oregon coast. It climbs the heights of the Coast Range and after
crossing the summit, follows the Alsea River to Waldport. The high-
way borders tributaries of Marys River and Crooked Creek into the
Alsea Valley, where it swings around the base of Digger Mountain and
passes through narrow defiles to the sea. The territory traversed was
originally hunting and fishing grounds of the Alsea Indians, who were
removed to the Siletz Reservation. Apparently, they had camped within
the area for many years, for excavators of Alsea Indian fishing camps
have found as many as 20 tiers of their shell mounds. The old Alsea
wagon road ended at the head of the Alsea Valley, from which trails
led over the mountains into the Tidewater district.

State 34 branches southeastward from State 26 at PHILOMATH
JUNCTION, 0 m. (see TOUR 2D) and crosses Marys River on one
of the covered bridges frequently found spanning Oregon streams.

West of ROCK CREEK, 4 m., the highway begins the ascent of
Alsea Mountain. Sparse growths of yew, cedar, and mountain laurel
appear among the stands of pines, alders and maples. The Oregon yew
found on these slopes is considered by archers as an excellent wood for
bow making. On the side of the mountain (L) are the ruts of the old
wagon road over which the teams of pioneers toiled on their arduous
journeys to Alsea Valley (see below).

The summit of ALSEA MOUNTAIN, 9.7 m. (1,403 alt.), over-
looks a splendid panorama of peaks and canyons. West of the summit