Left here to the CRUIKSHANK FARM (private), 0.2 m. where Madame
Ernestine Schumann-Heink came to live for a time to rest after a strenuous
concert tour abroad.

At BUELL, 25.2 m. (379 alt., 83 pop.), is a chapel erected in 1860.
WALLACE BRIDGE, 29.4 m., over the South Yamhill River, is
at the junction with State 18 (see TOUR 10A).

Tour 2D

Albany—Corvallis—Philomath—Toledo—Newport; 67.8 m. State 26.

Yaquina Branch of Southern Pacific Railroad roughly parallels route.
Paved road.

Hotels and tourist camps.

This route follows the west bank of the Willamette River through
a fertile farming district between Albany and Corvallis. West of Cor-
vallis it enters the foothills of the Coast Range, passes to the north of
Marys Peak, and over the range to the coast. The route is an important
link between US 99E and US 99W and between mid-Willamette Valley
towns and Pacific Ocean beaches. The first road over this route was
built along an old Indian trail, and a stage route established between
Corvallis and Yaquina Bay in 1866.

State 26 branches westward from US 99E in ALBANY (see
TOUR 2a),
0 m,, and crosses a modern bridge over the Willamette
River. Near the west end of the bridge is the nine-hole BRIDGEWAY
GOLF COURSE (greens fee 50 cents), 0.3 m.

The W. C. T. U. CHILDREN'S FARM HOME (L), 6.8 m.,
consists of 285 acres of land with numerous cottages and other buildings.
A modern school building has been constructed.

CORVALLIS, 10.5 m. (230 alt., 7,585 pop.), (see CORVALLIS).
Points of Interest:
Benton County Court House, site of territorial
capitol, City Park, Old Mill Stones, Haman Lewis House, Oregon
State Agricultural College.

Corvallis is at the junction with US 99W (see TOUR 10).

HANSON'S POULTRY FARM (R), 12.5 m., is noted for indi-
vidual, pen, and flock production records. Hanson's White Leghorns
have set many world's records for egg production. The poultry farm
cooperates with Oregon State College in experimentation with poultry
housing and feeding.