working as the Winston brothers. Ray had married and had one child.
They had heard of Hugh's capture and after first denying their identity,
waived extradition and were returned to Oregon, where they confessed
to the crime. Hugh then admitted his guilt. The twins were also given
life sentences.

At 231 m. US 99 crosses the California Line, 54 miles north of
Weed, California. (Plant inspection at line.)

Tour 2A

Oregon City—Mulino—Silverton—Stay ton—Lebanon—Brownsville—
Eugene; 115.5 m. State 215, State 211, unnumbered roads.

Road partly paved, partly graveled.

Southern Pacific Railroad branch line parallels route.

Usual accommodations.

The delightful back-country route winds southward through a fertile
farming country facing the evergreen foothills of the Cascade Range.
Closely following an early road opened by the Hudson's Bay Company
brigades, and later developed as the California-Oregon Territorial Road,
it penetrates many isolated villages that bear new hallmarks of the
present. Split-rail worm fences divide fields and covered bridges span
many of the streams. Farm houses with moss-covered shake roofs silvered
by the sun and rains of a hundred years stand beside the highways that
run between busv modern towns and dying villages.

State 215 branches southeastward from US 99E (see TOUR 2a)
in OREGON CITY, 0 m., and passes through meadows and orchards
to the Molalla Valley, once a hunting ground of the Klamath, Molalla,
and Calapooya. The Klamath made yearly, visits to their allies and
kinsmen of the district by way of the old Klamath Trail, which crossed
the Cascades near Mount Jefferson. The first white men to come to
this territory were led by Donald McKenzie of Astor's Pacific Fur
Company, who explored and trapped in the region in 1812.

MULINO (Sp. molino, mill), 10.6 m. (236 alt, 106 pop.), was
first called Howard's Mill after the nucleus of the grist mill (R) had
been erected in 1851.

The highway crosses the Molalla River to LIBERAL, 12.8 m. (256
alt., 22 pop.), the trading center of a farming and dairying district.

At 13.4 m. is a junction with State 211.