the cabin was found—deserted—no gold was discovered so far as is

The ROBIN HOOD FOREST CAMP (3,560 alt.), is at 32.1 m.
(information at nearby Double Three Forest Service Station).

At 35.9 m. is MEADOWS CREEK (summer home sites here rented
by government at reasonable annual rates).

alt.), is a large open space covered with coarse grass and mountain
flowers. It affords a close-up view of Mount Hood. The lupine, which
blooms at lower levels in June and July, is in flower here in late August.

SAHALE FALLS, 36.5 m. (4,575 alt.), is an ethereal cascade (R)
of the East Fork of Hood River. There is a fountain (L) at the road-
side. The road now swerves in long loops to cross the divide.

From BENNETT PASS, 37.3 m. (4,670 alt.), is an impressive
view of Mount Hood. Its scarred, bleak walls here seem to bar further

The road descends to WHITE RIVER, 39.5 m., a tributary of
the Deschutes noted for summer floods caused by the melting of White
River Glacier on the southeastern slope of Mount Hood. The bridge
(4,280 alt.) is dangerous when the river is a torrent.

BARLOW PASS, 41.9 m. (4,158 alt.), was used by the first wagon
train and the first road into the Willamette Valley. It was developed to
enable emigrants to avoid the hazardous raft trip down the Columbia
River. The pass is named for its discoverer, Samuel Kimsbrough Barlow,
a pioneer of 1845 (see TOUR 4A).

A cross at 43.9 m. is dedicated to a woman member of the 1845
emigrant train who died at this point. Her husband made a coffin from
a wagon box and buried her here.

At 44.8 m. (3,648 alt.), is a junction with State 50 (see TOUR
at a point three miles east of Government Camp.

Tour 2

Vancouver, Wash.—Portland—Salem—Albany—Junction City—Eu-
gene—Roseburg—Grants Pass—Med ford—Ashland—(Weed, Calif.);
345-3 m. US 99, US 99E.

Paved road, sometimes temporarily blocked in the Siskiyou Mtns., by ice or snow.
Southern Pacific Railroad parallels route between Portland and California line;
Portland Electric Power Company Interurban, between Portland and Oregon City.
Excellent hotels; improved tourist camps at reasonable rates.