Railroad Stations: Union Station, NW. 6th Ave. and Johnson Sts., for Southern
Pacific Lines, Union Pacific R. R., Northern Pacific Ry., Great Northern Ry.
and Spokane, Portland and Seattle Ry. SW. ist Ave. and Alder St., for Port-
land to Gresham, and Oregon City Lines (electric interurban).
Bus Stations: Union Stage Terminal, SW. Taylor St. between 5th and 6th Aves.,
for Greyhound Lines, Interstate Transit Lines, Mt. Hood Stages, North Coast
Transportation Co., Oregon Motor Stages, Washington Motor Coach System.
Airports: Swan Island Municipal Airport, 4.5 m. N. of city center, via Broad-
way Bridge, Interstate Ave., and Greeley Cut-off, for United Airlines; Taxi,
50c, time 10 min. New municipal airport, (ready for use in the summer of 1940)
at NE. Columbia Boulevard and 47th St., supersedes Swan Island.
Taxis: Twenty-five cents for first 1/4 m., 10c for each 1/2 m. thereafter; 10c for
each extra passenger.
Street Cars and Busses: Basic fare 10c.

Street Numbers: Burnside St. divides the city into N. and S. and the Willamette
River into E. and W. districts. Street and Avenue addresses are NE. for the
section N. of Burnside and E. of the river except a triangular piece between
Williams Ave. and the Willamette River and N. city boundary which is desig-
nated as N. SE. numbers are E. of the river and S. of Burnside; NW. and SW.
for the regions W. of the river and N. or S. of Burnside St. Streets are num-
bered N. and S. from Burnside St. and E. and W. from the Willamette River.
Traffic Regulations: Speed limit 25 m. p. h. No U turns permitted in metro-
politan area. Downtown streets have parking meters. Only one-way Streets:
SW. Park and SW. 9th Ave. S. of Stark to Main St.

Accommodations: One hundred hotels; tourist courts, many with trailer facilities,
on main highways leading into the city.

Information Service: Portland Chamber of Commerce, 824 SW. 5th Ave.;
Oregon State Motor Association, 1200 SW. Morrison St.; P.C.C.A., 1004 SW.
Taylor St.; Motor Club, 139 SW. Broadway; Multnomah Hotel, SW. 4th Ave.
and Pine St.; and Benson Hotel, SW. Broadway and Oak St.

Radio Stations: KALE (1300 kc.); KBPS (1420 kc.); KEX (1160 kc.); KGW
(620 kc.); KOIN (940 kc.); KXL (1420 kc.); KWJJ (1060 kc).

Theaters and Motion Picture Houses: Municipal Auditorium, SW. 3rd Ave. and
Clay St., concerts and important public addresses; 50 motion picture houses.
Baseball: Portland Ball Park (Pacific Coast League), NW. 24th Ave. and
Vaughn St.

Swimming: Mount Scott Tank, SE. 73rd Ave. and 55th St.; Creston Pool, SE.
Powell Boulevard and 47th St.; Montavilla Tank, NE. 82nd and Glisan St.;
Sellwood Tank, SE. 7th Ave. and Miller St.; U.S. Grant Tank, NE. 33rd and
Thompson St.; Peninsula Tank, Albina Ave. and Portland Boulevard; Columbia
Tank, Lombard and Woolsey Sts.; Jantzen Beach (commercial), Hayden Island
near Interstate Bridge, entrance to park 10c, bathing fee additional 30c.
Golf: Eastmoreland Municipal Links, 2714 SE. Bybee Ave., 18 holes, 30c for
nine holes; Rose City Municipal Golf Course, NE. 71st St. near Sandy Boule-
vard, 18 holes, 30c for nine holes; West Hills Municipal Links, at Canyon Road,
9 holes, 30c for nine holes.